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Creating a new section group

To create a new section group, simply click the 'Create Section Group' button on the top menu. Once your theme templates have loaded, click the dropdown arrow next to your chosen template to load a list of your template sections.

You can now set your base section - this is the section you'd like to duplicate across other templates or synchronize with another existing section. Click the 'Set Base Section' button and then click on the section you'd like to set.

Duplicating your base section

You'll now want to open to the template you'd like to copy this section. Once you've done this you can now duplicate this section by clicking the 'Create Section From Base' button and clicking into the new template. You can choose where to place this new section.

You can then give this section group a name for your reference, for example if you're copying a contact call to action button/form that you have on your homepage to your about page you may call this 'Call To Action'. You can still create more sections from the base section after you've given this section group a name.

Linking your base section to an existing section

Like with the example above, once you've selected your base section you can now link this to an existing section either within the same template or within a different template. To do this you simply click the 'Set Linked Sections' button and click on the section you'd like to sync the base section with.

Now whenever you modify the base section within your theme editor, any linked sections will automatically be updated!

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